Mt Spokane, Washington

2014 Shows we anticipate attending

*Wildrose Dairy Goat Breeders Dairy Goat Show in Clayton, WA on August 25th

         We only took Juniors and came out with

         Jr Grand Champion - Quitan Obers DSLG Ezonska and Jr Reserve Grand Champion - Quitan Obers QOC Delling

* Spokane International Fair & Expo - September

* The Puyallup Fair - September

2013 We had such a wonderful time in 2013 from seeing our new 2013 babies, going to our 2nd National Show in Minnesota and participating in multiple shows and fairs. We are excited for our upcoming breeding plans (see our Sales Page for details) and are looking forward to another year with the does. 2013

* ADGA National Dairy Goat Show - July 5-13 in Minnesota

* Spokane International Fair & Expo - September

* The Puyallup Fair - September

2012 Shows we attended

* ISDGA Dairy Goat Show in Boise, ID on Memorial Weekend Xyre: GCH in Ring 4 Dior: GCH and BOB in Ring 1 (unsanctioned), mentioned as high contender for BUIS Ring 1 Pinifarina: Junior Grand Champion in Ring 4

* NEWDGA Dairy Goat Show in Spokane, WA which is having an Oberhasli Specialty on June 16th Xyre: GCH in 1 of 3 rings, permanent champion (pending) Coco Chanel: GCH in 1 of 3 rings

* ADGA National Dairy Goat Show - July 7-14 in Colorado Quitan Obers ATTN Coco Chanel - 5th place Senior Kid - Recorded Grade Hand Made BVR Angel - 8th place 2 yr old milker - Recorded Grade Quitan Obers ADG Pinifarina - 11th place Senior Yearling - Oberhasli Ober-D'Rainbow VLN Xyre - 8th place 5 yr old milker - Oberhasli

* Spokane International Fair & Expo - September Junior Quitan Obers OBRB Calla - 1st place May kid Quitan Obers TTTP Celeste - 2nd place April kid Quitan Obers ATTN Chablis - 3rd place March kid Quitan Obers ADG Pinifarina - 1st place Dry Yearling The AT Cupcake - 2nd place Dry Yearling Seniors Reserve Grand Champion - Ober-d'Rainbow BVR Assai Ober-d'Rainbow BVR Assai - 1st place, 1st udder 2 yr old SG Jitterbug Couture Dior - 3rd place, 1st udder 4 yr old CH Ober-d'Rainbow VLN Xyre - 1st place, 1st udder 5 yr old Vanjust UCVC Zazu - 2nd place 3 yr old 2011 2011 we ventured into AI breeding and with two bucks on the property we split our herd with 3 AI's, 3 bred to our Jr Herd Sire - Ober'D-Rainbow BVR Bach, and 3 bred to Tutlelu Attention who is once again a part of the Vanjust Oberhasli herd. The majority of our kids will be retained until we can get a good evaluation of their substance as we continue to grow our herd. If you have any questions on any of our breeding and possible kids availabe, please feel free to email us. We are constantly learning and growing and welcome any questions in general as we would gladly find out the answer if we could so we could know it too.

~~Hello and Welcome! We are located on 7 acres in the foothills of Mount Spokane in Mead, Washington. Please look around at our ever changing herd of Oberhasli and feel free to ask any questions. Our herd has been CAE tested Negative the last 4 years (which is when we started). We participate in DHIR Milk Testing and with exception to 2014, we Linear Appraisal Annually. Unfortunately our show and fair season do not coordinate this year, however we are excited to get back with LA in 2015.

We are still in the beginning stages of our Oberhasli herd after starting them in 2010. We started out in a joint herd with my parents and their Toggenburgs and quickly came to find our love of the Oberhasli. Their personality, coloring, and distinctive characteristics blend smoothly with our family and we couldn't be more happy. We still have a single Toggenburg doe that is a beautiful example of her breed and she is being bred Toggenburg with the offspring finding wonderful homes. Our herd is small and will continue to stay a small herd as we continue to balance the love of goats, the raising of kids and their other passions and enjoying a smooth family life together.

The 'we' part of Quitan Obers is myself, my silent partner/husband (Rob), my 8 yr old son (Tristan) and my 7 yr old daughter (Quinn). Notice the name. Quinn Tristan = Quitan. Ok, so along with raising Oberhasli I also have a dream of touring in really bad comedy skits, but I digress. We are located in Mead, Washington just on the foothills of Mount Spokane which are lucky to enjoy out our back window. We travel with our herd throughout the northwest for various shows and have attended the ADGA National Shows in 2012 - Colorado and 2013 in Minnesota. We are not able to make the trip to Louivilla in 2014, however we will be at the 2015 Nationals in Redmond, Oregon. I try to spend a lot of time at various conferences and training to help me understand my does better and the kids are getting ready to start their journey in 4-H. Thank you for looking and please ask any questions, we love to talk goat.